Friday Night Fights

FAS is extremely excited to introduce “Friday Fight Nights!” This was developed as an opportunity to get teams some extra games and create a fun atmosphere on the ball field! Come spend your Friday night under the lights with your friends and teammates!

  • All Teams are welcome! This includes: men’s, coed, social, modified, church and corporate. Seniors teams are welcome but will not be allowed to use senior bats.
  • All FAS rules apply.
    • Game length may be shortened to get additional games in depending on the number of teams and field space.
  • If we have an even number of teams to create a coed and men’s division, we will. If not, we will combine the tournament and there will be no lineup regulations and equalizers will be used.
  • The deadline to register your team will be the Tuesday before the tournament. When the office opens on Wednesday morning, the registration will be closed and the schedule will be made.
  • 4 teams minimum and 8 teams maximum due to field and time restrictions. (remember, we only have lights until 11:30pm)
  • Format dependent on number of teams. 2 guaranteed games.
  • Sharon Sealock Complex @ Braddock Park. Please note: June will be at Wakefield Park
  • First come, first served! All dates are open to register so, sign up early! June 16th, July 21st, August 18th, September 15th and October 20th!
  • $72 per team. Payment must be made before the schedule is posted.
  • Winners receive a free entry into next months tournament and there will be MVP awards!
  • The monthly tournaments will culminate into an “end of year event” on October 20th!

Again, this is an attempt to get players and teams on the ball field and have some fun! Like anything, there will be questions, concerns and changes that come up but we are excited to develop this into something everyone enjoys!

Register below!