FAS family, regarding the COVID-19 situation and Fairfax County Park Authority field status,FAS has decided to postpone the Spring season start date until Monday, April 13th. Rest assured we will have a complete season regardless of the start date. Also, staff will be working offiste until Monday, March 30th. We can be reached by email and phone but softball pick-ups will not resume until that date. Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you on the diamond soon.

League Application Info


Home Run Rules:

All leagues shall utilize the 5 home run rule  with any excess being singles with the exception of both the Men’s USSSA league and the top Fairfax men’s divisions on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, who will utilize the 8 home run rule and any excess will be singles.

*When an excess home run is hit, all base runners will advance one base whether forced or not.

SOCIAL COED LEAGUE:   Social Coed is designed for instructional play for new and less-skilled teams; competitive teams must consider participation in one of the open coed leagues in lieu of this less skilled, social program. The league is coed; however, requires only three (3) females on the field and in the lineup at all times, and the offensive team bats until either 3 outs are made or when each batter has completed one turn at bat, whichever occurs first.