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Player Waiver
Player Waiver

All softballs used in FAS play must be optic yellow; all Men's softballs must be Dudley Thunder Hycon.

Click the image above for information about what softballs are legal to use in FAS games and to order by the dozen.


Schedules & Results


ASA rules will govern play except where superseded by FAS as outlined in the FAS Rulebook.  Please refer to the section titled “Tournament and Playoffs” for details.

ROSTER CHECKS will be completed during playoff tournaments.  They will begin only after the game has begun.  Players will be required to show one of the following forms of identification: DMV issued (i.e. Driver’s License), Military issued ID, or Government issued Passport. No other forms of ID will be accepted.  Players must appear on the roster on file with the FAS office, teams using non-rostered players during an FAS tournament will be subject to penalties as outlined in the FAS Rulebook.

2016 Schedule and Results
Seniors Women’s Booz Allen
A Bracket Fast Pitch A Division
B Bracket B Division
C Bracket
D Bracket

2015 Schedules and Results

Men’s Elite – Tournament Results

Men 35 & Over- Tournament Results

Seniors – Group A ResultsGroup B ResultsGroup C Results

Women’s Fast Pitch – Tournament Results

Booz Allen Hamilton – BZ Divison ResultsAL Division Results

2014 Schedules and Results
Men 35 & Over Seniors Women Booz Allen Hamilton
A Bracket A Bracket Fastpitch A Bracket  Division 1 Playoff
B Bracket B Bracket Fastpitch B Bracket  Division 2 Playoff
C Bracket C Bracket
  D Bracket


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Kickball is Alive at FAS!
Kickball is Alive at FAS!
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