Spring Superdraft Tournament is Saturday, May 18th! All men and women are encouraged to join!


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Player Waiver
Player Waiver

All softballs used in FAS play must be optic yellow; all Men's softballs must be Dudley Thunder Hycon.

Click the image above for information about what softballs are legal to use in FAS games and to order by the dozen.


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Tracy Hudak

10:40 AM

Female Needed
My Tuesday night women's team is looking to add another female to our team. We lost a few players due to injury, retirement, and coaching this spring season. Outfielder is preferred; however, any position will due.

Ed Brandmark

2:28 PM

sunday coed woman needed
we need a woman to join a coed team that plays on sunday morning/early afternoon at braddock and nottoway. we are a nice, somewhat older (with some mixed in young ones) team that is competitive but friendly and easy-going and have played together for years. let me know if interested in joining or filling in part-time.

Barry Thomas

9:35 AM

Men's Divison
We are a men's team playing on Thursday nights at Beulah & Poplar Tree. I need a pitcher, infielder & outfielder.

Bob Korn

9:57 AM

Senior Team
Senior Team needs 2-3 additional players for the 2019 season. You must be 50 years of age by Dec 31, 2019. Email Bob at bkkorn@yahoo.com.

Jim Faulk

7:54 PM

Need female player
Coed team (7/3 league) - competetive D1 with fun - Wednesday nights - fields TBD but normally Wakefield and some SSC Braddock; 12 person squad 8/4; all bat and we rotate in field. Funding $75/each; age range of team is 30-60; go out after games. If wish to discuss Jim @ 703-801-8836

John Casterline

10:50 PM

Sunday Men's D2/D3
D2/D3 Sunday team is rebooting and looking for guys to round out roster. All positions needed but emphasis on infield. I expect we'll be playing at Braddock, Nottoway or Wakefield. Team makeup is age 24-35 with competitive baseball/softball experience. We play to win without taking it too seriously or becoming "softball guys." If you're interested, send me an email and we can discuss further.

Ned Reddrop

5:10 PM

Girl Needed (Competitive Coed Sunday Night)
Hi all, We are looking for a female player for our Sunday night team. We typically play 2 hour-long games at Braddock at 6:30 and 8:30 start times, though the league has not formally set it yet. We play in competitive leagues, and we all like to play to win, but we're all in it for fun first and foremost. You'll be a great fit if you like to play and care more about having a good time than grinding out wins in our recreational slow pitch coed adult (most of us in our late 20s to early 40s) softball league. And if you show up, you play. Are you going to show up (at least almost) every week? Are you in it because softball is fun? Do you have at least the fundamentals of softball down? Are you female? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then you will be a perfect part of our team!

Eric Boyle

12:45 PM

Spring 2019 Sunday Evening Coed - looking for one more female player
Hey there. We are a team that has been playing for a few seasons together. More fun than competitive but we can hold our own. We are looking for one more female player to add to our roster. We’re a 5/5 coed team that plays Sunday evenings. Feel free to contact me at202.247.7395 or armenboyle@gmail.com. ~ Eric Boyle, manager of The Blues

Chris Bartnek

10:56 AM

Sunday Coed Team
I am looking to reestablish a Sunday coed team. I am in the need for numerous men and women to fill out the roster. Experience and reliability is a must. We like to have fun bit also win as many games as possible. Let’s do this.

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