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All softballs used in FAS play must be optic yellow; all Men's softballs must be Dudley Thunder Hycon.

Click the image above for information about what softballs are legal to use in FAS games and to order by the dozen.


How to Join

Register as a Free Agent | Join a Team Board | Managers Seeking Players | Become an Umpire | Become a Volunteer

We are so glad you are interested in joining our league! Below, you will find all options available!

To Register a Team:

If you already have a team but are new to FAS you must first register as a manager HERE. After you have obtained a login, you can use the REGISTER TEAM option in the top right corner of the webpage to start your new application.

To Register as an Individual:

  • If you would like FAS to place you on a team, you can sign up as a Free Agent (also called Individual Registration) player HERE.  
  • IMPORTANT: If you register as a Free Agent, DO NOT use the message boards to find a team! FAS will wait for the next available season and assign ALL free agents.  When this occurs you will receive an email with information about the team you have been placed on.
  • Alternatively,  if you want to join mid-season, you may want to post to our Join a Team Board. Managers can contact you via this page when they are looking to fill spots on an existing team.  Managers also post on the Managers Seeking Players page, another option is to respond to a post there.

To Become an Umpire:

  • At FAS, we train and contract our own umpires, rather than use an assigning service.  All of our umpires go through training from FAS but must register with ASA.  Umpire Training occurs each January. Please go HERE to obtain more information about becoming an FAS umpire. 

To Become a Volunteer:

  • FAS would not be the strong league it is today without an army of volunteers to build it.  With the exception of a couple office staffers, a pair of field gurus, and a fleet of umpires, the organization is run off of the vision of its dedicated volunteers.  Our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and League Coordinators volunteer countless hours to keep the FAS machine running; they guide the policy, rules, and seeding every year.  FAS is a great organization to get involved with whether it is just to help out with the bowling tournament or run for a position on the board and have your voice be heard! For more information, please email the office at
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