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All softballs used in FAS play must be optic yellow; all Men's softballs must be Dudley Thunder Hycon.

Click the image above for information about what softballs are legal to use in FAS games and to order by the dozen.


Roster Requirements

Rosters must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on your league’s established deadline date to avoid late fees:

Spring by March 16
Early Summer Seniors by April 17
Summer by June 22
Fall by August 17
*If any deadline date falls on a holiday, a Saturday, or a Sunday, the due date is the following business day.*

An approved copy of your roster, with all roster changes, must be carried to all games with the applicable proof of residency if the player is a county resident (i.e. copies of identification).

1. A new roster is required for each team every season. The non-county residency fee of $30 is payable per person/per team/per sport/per season in accordance with Fairfax County regulations.

2. Rosters are to be completed by managers via their manager home page prior to the start of each season. It must be completed in its entirety and submitted with applicable non-county payments as designated by 11:59 p.m. on your league’s established deadline date as detailed above and in the FAS rule book.

3. Rosters are not considered submitted until both the completed roster and all applicable payments are received (not postmarked) in the FAS office. Failure to enter a legal roster by the deadline will result in the following penalties:
A $50 late fee will be charged to teams who submit rosters past the deadline but before their first game.
A 7-0 loss will be assessed to teams who fail to submit a roster by 3pm before each game.

4. Complete information must be entered for every player before they can participate in FAS including: First Name, Last Name, Address, Email and Phone Number. This information must match at least one of the three acceptable FAS proofs of identity: original valid military, DMV, or passport photo identification.

FAS is required to submit roster information to the County of Fairfax – Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) to obtain field space.  As such, all information must be complete and accurate per county regulations.

5. Manager and assistant manager information must be entered as a player to be considered on the roster. Being registered as a manager or assistant manager does not automatically place you on your team’s roster.

6. No player may participate in a scheduled game for a team until properly registered on that team’s roster; fielding illegal players may result in a forfeit for the offending team.

7. The maximum number of players on a team roster shall be 30. The minimum number of players on a team’s roster shall be 12.

8. At least two-thirds of the players on a team roster must be legal residents of the County or City of Fairfax, Virginia, however, at no time shall the total number of non-county residents exceed eight (8).

Corporate teams are permitted the following exception: The residency requirement will be waived for any team comprised entirely of full-time employees from one Fairfax County-based company or a team comprised entirely of full-time employees of the County of Fairfax. Any such business must complete the online verification form with appropriate contact information attesting players are all full-time employees of the company when submitting the online roster. Waiver of the residency requirement does not waive payment of the non-county player fee.

In order to maintain compliance of the two-thirds resident rule, use the table below as a guide. Be sure to count the following exceptions as “County” residents when establishing your two-thirds compliance: 1) residents of the City of Fairfax, or 2) active military personnel or their immediate family who have a copy of an appropriate military identification.

Roster Size Non-County Allowed
12-14 4
15-17 5
18-20 6
21-23 7
24-30 8

• Random roster audits may be conducted by the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS), including visits to fields and matches with various Fairfax County databases, to verify the accuracy of the 2/3-compliance rule. Teams found in violation of an audit check by NCS will be assessed a $100 fine from NCS, payable before the team is allowed to continue in the FAS program, and will be subject to FAS disciplinary action.

Roster Change Requests

Once the initial team roster has been submitted and approved by FAS:

1. A roster change request must be submitted before a player is eligible to participate in any game.Any changes to the roster must be done online via the manager homepage by submitting a Roster Change Request to FAS with non-county residency fee, if necessary.
2. Refunds are not issued for the removal of non-county players; however, you may replace a current non-county player with a new non-county player at no additional charge.

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